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Hammertoes Treatment in Richardson

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Hammertoes in Richardson

Hammertoes Treatment in Richardson
Hammertoes Treatment in Richardson

Come visit the offices of Steven F. Berkey today for the best hammertoes treatment in Richardson. Hammertoes need to be treated properly at our offices to help the patient walk better and to free them of pain. We treat hammertoes and bunions, ankle, foot and heel pain. Heel pain can be debilitating, and can also branch off to foot and ankle pain. It may stem from foot abnormalities that cause pressure on the foot. Foot abnormalities may also cause problems leading to foot conditions, such as hammertoe or flat feet.

Problems like bunions can be fixed with orthotic shoes. Bunions cause the joint of the toe to turn inwards and can cause problems while wearing shoes, walking and other activities. Those with severe bunions can opt for surgery. Bunions cause deformities and spreading of the metatarsal bone, causing the big toe to appear to be moving inward. The joint ends up becoming enlarged and deformed, weak and irritated, rubbing against shoes and other footwear. Arthritis also affects the joint more easily, causing it to be stiff and sore. For this and hammertoes treatment in Richardson, call today. We recommend coming in for an annual exam, especially for patients with diabetes.

Diabetics should have their feet checked anywhere from two to three times per year to prevent the complications that diabetes can cause in the feet. It affects the foot’s circulation and causes balance to be off and wounds may heal slowly due to numbness. Diabetics can be more prone to getting bunions. Many bunion deformities can progress if they are not treated properly. Your hammertoes treatment in Richardson and bunion treatment are all done in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We have been treating the Plano area for over 25 years and always accept new patients to our practice. We’re also a certified Dr. Comfort diabetic shoe provider.

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