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Fungal Nail Treatment in Plano

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Treating toenail fungus in Plano

Fungal nail treatment in Plano
Fungal nail treatment in Plano

Sure, wearing flip-flops during the summer sounds like a wonderfully comfortable prospect. But that’s just not going to happen—not when you’re self-conscious about dry, cracked, yellowed toenails. If only there was a way to finally be rid of that issue. Well guess what? Now there is. Head over to Steven F. Berkey’s office and finally get top-notch fungal nail treatment in Plano.

You might be wondering why fungus is more likely to creep into your toenails than fingernails. That’s largely attributed to the following: toenails are confined to moist, dark, warm environments (within shoes) where they can thrive; toes have less blood than fingers, so the immune system has a much harder time detecting and stopping infection. Although an evaluation from a professional is ideal, there are some telltale signs of spotting toenail fungus. It usually starts off with a small yellow or white spot beneath the toenail. As it grows, the fungus causes the nail the discolor, crumble, or thick at the edge. Either one or all of the nails can be affected at any given time. Pain does not always come as a byproduct of this fungus. But if and when it does, see a professional as soon as possible for medication. Keep in mind, treated nail fungus can still return, so do your best to consistently and properly clean. That’s all there is to it. Sound good? If you’re ready to get care, see Steven F. Berkley for first-rate fungal nail treatment in Plano.

Kick off treatment with a short appointment. Pick up the phone and call Steven F. Berkley. His friendly staff will help you schedule a meeting, so you can be well on your way to fungal nail treatment in Plano. After leaving the appointment, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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