Foot Doctor in Richardson

Foot Doctor in Richardson

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Infections and Ulcerations in Richardson

Diabetes, needless to say, causes all kinds of complications for the rest of your bed. For instance, foot ulcerations can affect the foot in such a way that short walks become unbearable. That’s why seeing a professional who can regularly evaluate feet is pivotal. With that said, don’t dawdle on visiting Steven F. Berkey, a foot doctor in Richardson.

So what exactly are diabetic foot ulcerations? Commonly located under the big toes and balls of the feet, these ulcers happen as a result of diabetic skin breakdown. Diabetic neuropathy is another common byproduct of this condition. It’s a type of nerve damage that can cause pain, tingling, or even weakness in the foot. Not only that, it can also make the foot numb to…anything. Which is a dangerous prospect when you consider if the foot experiences an injury, you won’t even realize it since pain receptors aren’t working in that area. Another common symptom of neuropathy is changes to the shape of the foot and toes. Diabetes also contributes to the development of calluses, largely because there are high-pressures areas just under the foot. With that said, if you’re not sure that what you’re suffering from is neuropathy (or ulcers, or any other common byproduct of diabetes), it’s important to see a professional who can make that assessment. Whatever you do, don’t self-diagnose. And definitely don’t choose to ignore the issue, either. Take control of the situation by taking the first step: contact Steven F. Berkey soon and get top-notch care from this foot doctor in Richardson.

You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. If getting started is befuddling you, don’t worry—it’s an easy step to take. All that’s required is a simple phone call or e-mail Steven F. Berkey. Our friendly staff will then promptly schedule an appointment. So you can be well on the way to our foot doctor in Richardson.

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