Diabetic shoes 75023

Diabetic Shoes 75023

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Diabetic shoes and insoles in 75023

Foot deformities are one of the various complications and consequences of being diabetic. It doesn’t matter if you’re type 1 or type 2, because it is unsafe blood glucose levels that lead to foot issues, and that is a risk with all diabetes. Here at the podiatry practice of Steven F. Berkey, DPM, FACFS, among the treatment and management options offered to mitigate the effects of diabetes are our special diabetic shoes 75023 and insoles that will help to prevent deformities.

It’s highly recommended that you see our foot doctor regularly for a diabetic examination. In addition to our diabetic shoes 75023, you may need to have neuropathy, or nerve damage, addressed. Poor blood circulation can result from that, and it’s important to be on top of any impact, including but not limited to infections and ulcers of your feet. Are you at risk for needing our diabetic shoes 75023? If you notice any changes to the shape of your feet, then you should come in right away for a determination. However, as part of your complete checkup, our foot doctor may decide that your unique circumstances make you prone to concerns about your feet maintaining their normal shape and appearance. It is essential to be proactive about such situations, because once difficulties have surfaced and become evident, it is necessary to take action that is likely to be more complex than simply the need for shoes and insoles. Of course, the best thing you can do, now and always, is to follow the guidelines you’ve been given regarding diet, exercise, and medication so that your blood sugar stays in control to the greatest extent possible.

Always turn to our foot doctor as your specialist for optimal care. Simply contact our office so that we can set up an appointment.

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