Chronic foot pain in Plano TX

Chronic Foot Pain in Plano TX

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Treating chronic foot pain in Plano TX

Chronic foot pain in Plano TX
Chronic foot pain in Plano TX

If you have chronic foot pain in Plano TX, you can get the relief you need here at the office of Steven F. Berkey, DPM, FACFS. For all problems, conditions, and ailments that are foot-related, you don’t have to suffer needlessly. We have solutions for you.

The good news is that more often than not, when you have foot pain, our podiatrist will be able to diagnose, assess, and treat it within a reasonable amount of time. Frequently, the methods that we use are non-invasive, and in fact, both simple and comfortable. For example, bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, and plantar fasciitis are just a few issues that respond well to the use of orthotics (shoe inserts). Where the complication comes in is when such conditions recur, possible multiple times, or when no treatment is providing a sufficient level of relief, thereby subjecting you to ongoing discomfort. For chronic foot pain in Plano TX, which can last for several weeks all the way up to several years, our podiatrist will work with you to evaluate the methods that have already been tried, and rate the potential effectively of those that have yet to be used. Not only will different conditions often require unique approaches, but each person may, even if they have the exact same problem that they’re dealing with. So your heel spurs could need a different strategy than someone else who also has heel spurs. Among the ways to deal with your chronic foot pain in Plano TX are physical therapy, exercises, medication, lifestyle changes, and surgery. It is also possible that a combination of these method might be required in order to get the proper results.

Don’t let foot pain sideline you. Contact our office today and let us schedule you an appointment to come in for an examination and consultation.

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